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Gestione digitale per gli ingressi
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Digital PPE management software.

EXTERYO SAFETY 4.0, the digital PPE Software management:  it physically interacts with your safety devices and guarantees real-time inspection thanks to NFC technology.

Exteryo Safety 4.0: Not only a PPE management software but a new easy way for inspections and controls.

Improve security level

Thanks to the direct connection between individual PPE and Exteryo Safety 4.0, your employees will wear and use control devices in real time, with a significant reduction in risk.

Simplify bureaucratic management

Exteryo Safety 4.0 integrates the PPE supply chain, allowing the manufacturer, user company and inspector to align controls and monitoring of each individual device.

Save time and money

Through a system based on deadlines and alerts, Exteryo Safety 4.0 allows you to reduce the control times on PPE, also favoring the optimization of maintenance and spare costs.

Reduce criminal liability

Thanks to the black box that every PPE is equipped with, the maintenance status of each device can be tracked and recovered in the event of a claim, relieving the PPSM * of responsibility.

Software DPI digitali

Smart, digitale, in cloud

Exteryo Safety 4.0 is a PPE management software that allows PPE management and traceability in the company throughout its whole life cycle. The identification takes place by means of a special NFC Chip, which connects the PPE to the management system.
No more paper, no more errors, no more penalties.

Why use a digital PPE management software?

Safeguard for employers

Simplified storage and black box on the historicity of PPE management.

Error reduction and speed increase

Exteryo NFC devices improve the simplicity of information management and simplify procedures. Learn more!

Automated system in PPE management

A real digital assistant for employers or supervisors regarding the PPE suitability.

Multi-brand PPE database

Open system for the management of digital control inspections of your multi-brand PPE.

Computerized data management

Total digitization of information and significant reduction in paper management.

Reduction in management costs from accidents

Reducing injuries means reducing management costs and rationalizing the use of PPE.

"Inspections are finally turned into a quick, simple and totally digital process. Thanks to the pre-loaded product data sheets on Exteryo Safety 4.0, I can save hours that before now I used to spend filling in paper forms."
Il software per DPI digitali
Kong Spa Inspector

Have you got 2 minutes?

Exteryo Safety 4.0 is more than a PPE management software: it is a digital platform designed to radically simplify the corporate PPE management procedures. It only takes 2 minutes to tell you how it works … will that be enough to convince you?

Supply chain solutions

Producers, inspectors, user companies: the modularity of Exteryo Safety 4.0 allows all players in the PPE supply chain to simplify their own activities, promoting a totally digitized management of the device life cycle.


How much time can you save on each inspection with an automatic deadline management and digital document storage system?

User companies

Your PPE filed digitally, in cloud, in real time and with a black box for historical tracking. Do you need anything more to feel in compliance and safe?


It digitizes your products and increases their market value, tracks usage and data. Exteryo Safety 4.0 is open innovation ready to be implemented.

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Domane e risposte frequenti

Digitized PPE is a protection device to which a special chip for digital identification has been added. These chips can be integrated directly into the product by manufacturers or inserted later by means of special products which are particularly designed in order not to modify the PPE in any way.

The chip can be read in two ways:

• with a special reader that can be connected to the computer via USB port

• via the Android App, downloadable for free on a smartphone equipped with NFC

To use Exteryo Safety 4.0 via smartphone you must have an Android device with integrated NFC technology. To find out if your smartphone is provided with NFC, you can check this list.

Exteryo Safety 4.0 is a system developed to automatically share information on the status of PPE among the various professionals who work for the security of a company. For example, when an inspector performs an inspection on the PPE owned by a company, the result and the inspection form will be immediately visible also on the software of the company that owns the PPE.

Yes, you can. The Exteryo Safety 4.0 system provides for the management of both “serialized” PPE (eg anti-fall PPE) and non-serialized PPE (eg gloves or shoes) in order to manage the entire pool of PPE held by a company and evaluate the correct supply and correct use by its workers.

Exteryo Safety 4.0 is a system dedicated to the management of all types of PPE. For this reason, it is open to all PPE brands and models available on the market. The insertion of the various PPE is carried out either by the manufacturing company, if it is a partner of the system, or by the same inspectors who will be able to add product data sheets for the various PPE models and share them with the other inspectors who use the software.

The manufacturing companies that have decided to adopt the Exteryo Safety 4.0 system are indicated with the green symbol “Verified” and will independently insert their PPE into the system. For this reason, it is not possible to insert products of manufacturing companies that are partners of Exteryo Safety 4.0.


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