Software for companies

Digitized management of PPE and related deadlines

Cloud storage of the information concerning the use of PPE

Immediate access to the history of activities related to the use of PPE

Software DPI digitali

Corporate registers

Digital management of corporate PPE and direct control of product health status.

Management of the PPE supplied to each individual worker and control of any problem related to the use of PPE.

PPE management

Digital management of the corporate PPE warehouse.

Digitization of PPE supply/return processes and automatic compilation of related documentation.

Software DPI digitali

PPE NFC reading

Digital reading via smartphone or computer to access the PPE sheet of each individual product complete with health status, relative deadlines, inspection history and PPE supply data to a worker.

Software DPI digitali
Software DPI digitali

Fast Check

Control function dedicated to supervisors through which it is possible to digitally control the correct use of PPE by workers and automatically generate the related documentation.


Automatic generation of alerts related to possible deadlines and PPE inspections.

Software DPI digitali
Software DPI digitali


Page dedicated to the management of information relating to each individual PPE through which it is possible to reconstruct the usage history of the various products.

Product data sheet creation

Possibility of adding PPE without serial number or NFC chip in your registers.

Possibility of renaming the products present in your PPE register based on company codes.

Software DPI digitali

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